Table of Contents Issue 22


Barbara McVeigh (FEATURED): Three Poems

Tim Love: Class

Kyle Hemmings: Alice in the War Years

Evan Cozad: The Ins and Outs of Topiary Hierarchy

Evan Cozad: A Bright Shadow is Cast Over the City

Garrett Phelan: Ossuary

Garrett Phelan: Blues Biography

Barbara Westwood Diehl: Topiary Gardens

Jim Burke: Happy Days

Angela Apte: Forecast for the House of the Seamstress

Kathyrn Fitzpatrick: Jamie’s Dad

Ken Poyner: The Giants Open Doors

Richard J. Fleming: Love on the Rocks

Richard J. Fleming: Pentacostal Gel

Daniel Romo: Compression

Daniel Romo: Road Trip

Brad Rose: Land of the Free

Cathy Ulrich: And We Never Die

Lee Patterson: the moon & the moon & the moon

Lee Patterson: disaster movie

Lee Patterson: an essay on baobab trees

Sarah Arantza Amador: For Federico García Lorca, on All Saints’ Eve

Jennifer PaquetteLetters and Editors