The Giants Open Doors by Ken Poyner

All the doors of the road are open. Someone must have left them unlocked. Or maybe there is a skeleton key. Or someone was willing to pry them open through unleavened force. No matter. You cannot drive on this road: all its doors are open. For now, I will let the baffled, thirsty commuters ponder the problem. Twisted in their conundrum they will fret and opine and venture into today’s nervous rain to test the latches, look about the litter surrounding the doors and their frames for clues. But not I. I say solve a problem with a problem. Bring two irritations to one smoothing. I say: turn it over to the giants. They have power and perspective and too long have been grumbling about being out of work, idled as though fairy tales were no longer good currency. Let them apply their frustration to the open doors. It will be work enough to keep them from doing stray harm, from setting off to inflame the rocks or pull out the ocean’s nails. And it will make them believe we still need them.

After years of impersonating a Systems Engineer, Ken Poyner has retired to watch his wife continue to break world raw power-lifting records. Ken’s two current poetry and three short fiction collections are available from Amazon and elsewhere.






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