Pentacostal Gel by Richard J. Fleming

A watered-down version of physical attraction tears through me like a lack of gravity. I flutter toward the horizon and the pull of the empyrean. I could use a little support here. These wings make my back ache. Heaven’s like a healthcare clinic waiting room. Take a number and wait your turn. Eventually, bespectacled factotums will interview you. God will see you now. Keep it short. His attention wanders. Too many violent video games. His favorite color’s black and blue.

Richard J. Fleming is a survivor of three Chicago blizzards. He has had recent work published in Right Hand Pointing, The Rusty Nail, Inkwell Mag, Curio, Otoliths, Rain, Party & Disaster Society, One Sentence Poems, Unbroken, Poetry Super Highway, Rattle, Stoneboat Journal, Slipstream, Hotel Amerika & Sugar House Review.  Online chapbooks: Aperture (Right Hand Pointing) and Give My Regards to Amway (White Knuckle Press).

Image by Dale Wisely