A Bright Shadow is Cast Over the City by Evan Cozad

All the clowns are jumping off the bridges. All the bulls are stopping in the middle of the streets. The cats have all fallen asleep in back allies, and all the nuns are putting their hands in their pockets. But I’m at home in the tub, blood pooling out of my nose into the water, turning it into raspberry jam. Jeremiah scrubs the fungus in between his toes with a Brillo pad in front of me. Neither of us speak of the pasta we just ate even though both of us liked it very much. The water grows warmer between us, our bodies are becoming butter. Maybe we’ll go to the parade later. See red balloons in the sky.

Evan Cozad is a poet from Indiana. He just graduated from university and is looking to move somewhere. His work has been featured some places across the Internet.

Photo by Genessa Panainte, remix (color-added) by the Editors.