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Lara Frankena


Neil Carpathios

“Do Not Disturb”

Daisy Alioto


Emilie Kneifel


Eva Stefanidis

“What to Do While Waiting for Your Luggage to Arrive in a Hong Kong Hotel Room”

Elizabeth McLagan

“All Around Is Passing, Mark Rothko”

Cate McGowan

“The World Will Blow”

Jessie Eikmann

“Love Poem: Inadequate Spider”

“The Fourth Pig Made His House out of Sequins”

Guy Elston

“Come and see the seals in sunny West Kirby!”

Jory Post

“If I Had a Cemetery”

“A Telescopic View”

Chet Corey

“Go Figure”

Tracey Nguyen


Bill Rector

“Dirty underwear”

Josh Olsen

“To the Man on Karmada Street Frying Eggs in His Underwear”



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