Go Figure by Chet Corey

My life changed in a minute.  It turned around on a dime. No, it must’ve been larger.  It could’ve been a quarter.  And it took more time.  Infinitely more time to circumnavigate E pluribus Unum. Yet it seemed I’d gone nowhere, as if I’d been spinning my Goodyears bald, burning doughnuts in an empty parking lot at midnight.  It could’ve been a nickel. Probably was a penny. But my life changed in a flash! No, that’s too dramatic.  It was a long day. It must have been the Summer Solstice. No one noticed.  Everyone had gathered at Stonehenge, and their backs were turned toward my back, while I watched the moon disappear into field.  Then it was winter.

Chet Corey’s prose poems have appeared in Amoskeag, Backwards City Review, Chiron, Coe Review, The Matador Review, Right Hand Pointing, Seems, The South Dakota Review, Spoon River Quarterly, Studio One, The Talking Stick, Windhover, Wopozi and other print and online journals, as well as Let Go of the Stars and The Other Side of Violet, published by great weather for MEDIA. He and his wife Kathy live alongside Bush Lake in Minnesota.

Photo by Jordan Rowland

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