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Ian Willey

A Sad Story

Limbic Limbo

Plain and Simple


Michael Brockley

Player to Be Named Later


Harrison Candelaria Fletcher

Basic Training


Aaron Sandberg


Teacher, Dream


Cassandra Atherton




Paul Jones

Pig’s Eye

The Church of the Misdirected Saints


Dan MacIsaac

Manx Cat


Gwen Sayers

In Transit


Lyndi Waters

A Cautionary Tale for Beginners


Kyle Hemmings

The Wonder Years: a Scatter Plot Analysis


Ann Pedone

from: “I Was Told That Every Poem Was About the Moon”


Jill Crammond

Our Lady of Dark Mysteries


Katie Richards

I can’t remember exactly what his teacher said


Kelli Allen

Passing Obedience Around in a Moose Skull



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