floppy disk (noun) by Domenico Capilongo

floppy disk noun

definition of floppy disk

: a thin plastic disk coated with magnetic material on which data for a computer can be stored

first computers big and stamped with the white letters p.e.t. under monochrome monitors. our teachers wide-eyed and proud as if we had figured out how to land on mars for the weekend.  we typed what they told us to make the green square move forward and draw a line. they held up the thin squares of black plastic, marveling. listing for us in booming voices how much these computers would change us, our lives, the world. all we wanted was to go outside and play kissing tag, the boys running as slowly as possible when the girls were it


Domenico Capilongo is a Toronto high school creative writing teacher and karate instructor. His three books of poetry and one of short fiction have been shortlisted for some awards including the Relit Award and The Bressani Literary Prize.

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash


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