Middle of the Night by Robin Wright

My granddaughter drags crusty dreams from her eyes, and waddles to the kitchen, diaper squishing in time. She bellows for beans then claps at the plop of the pot on the stove, bounces like a rubber ball as the can opener whirs and beans slosh into the pan. Flames on the stove flash the orange and blue of her favorite Crayolas as the beans waltz to a sizzle. I read Curious George as we wait, but she’s asleep in my lap cooing at dreams.

Robin Wright’s work has appeared in various literary journals, including Lost River Literary Magazine, See Spot Run, Rat’s Ass Review, Quatrain.Fish, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, and Amarillo Bay. She has also co-written two novels with Maryanne Burkhard under the name B. W. Wrighthard, Ghost Orchid and A Needle and a Haystack.