Christmas Eve— by Deborah Guzzi

The cobblestone alleys of Aix grasp walking trios like unmarked gravestones teething on the ankles of rowdy past drinkers who imbibe before service. Trees adorned in thongs of cheeky light make the ghost of Magdalene blush. Before the side doors, cross-legged, a Romany beggar woman with anthracite eyes beseeches. Silver palmed Goliaths sidle past, blind to her need. The night pregnant with choir tones and tower bells, consecrated with holy oil presents a dream and leaves a beggar’s basket empty of even bread.

Deborah Guzzi is a healing facilitator. Her book, The Hurricane, is available through Prolific Press. Her poetry appears in magazines around the world, from Existere in Canada, Tincture in Australia, and Cha: Asian Literary Review in Hong Kong, to Kyso Flash, The Tishman Review, and Page & Spine in the USA.