Unbroken #35:

by God

October 2022

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Andrew Anderson
Andrew Friedman
Catherine Strisik
David Wojciechowski
DK Snyder
Emily Tee
Garth Pavell
Jessi Lord
John DiMenna
Juan Pablo Mobili
Kari Pindoria
Kathryn Kulpa
Kevin McIlvoy
Kim Peter Kovac
Kristin Tenor
Marilyn K. Moody
Michelle Morouse
Moira Walsh
Olivia Niland
Oz Hardwick
Pat Hale
Ralph Culver
Samuel Payne
Sarah Dunphy-Lelii
Sumi Tang
Tina Barry
Ursula Shepherd

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Photo by Jill Burrow (pexels.com)


Unbroken is a quarterly online journal that seeks to showcase prose poems and poetic prose, both from established and emerging voices. We desire to give the block, the paragraph, the unlineated prose, a new place to play. Unbroken is edited by Ken Chau, Dale Wisely, Katherine DiBella Seluja, Tom Fugalli, Kelli Goldsmith, and Tina Carlson. Roo Black is founding editor emeritus. Our staff dentist/spiritual advisor is Da Note, DMD. Our thanks to the contributors to this issue and all who submitted their work.



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