Unbroken #41

Goddesses Keeping the World Together
2024 click here

milad-fakurian-GAnCCU7mqIU-unsplash.jpgAlex Carrigan
Angela Mckean
Angeline Schellenberg
Babo Kamel
Christina Gay
Elizabeth Porter
Gessica Sakamoto Martini
Jason Davidson
Jean Biegun
Jefferson Navicky
Johanna Caton
John Bradley
Kalpita Pathak
Karen Crawford
Kerri Bowen
Nancy Huggett
Oz Hardwick
Robert E. Ray
Rosemary Harp
Sarah Dunphy-Lelii


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Unbroken is a quarterly online journal that seeks to showcase prose poems and poetic prose, both from established and emerging voices. We desire to give the block, the paragraph, the unlineated prose, a new place to play.

Unbroken is edited by Ken Chau, Dale Wisely, Katherine DiBella Seluja, Tom Fugalli, and Tina Carlson. Roo Black is founding editor emeritus. Our staff spiritual advisor/caterer/karma broker is Rev. Boyd Razor, Ph.D.  Our staff epistemologist/comptroller is Chen Kau. Our thanks to the contributors to this issue and all who submitted their work.  



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