Changes to Unbroken and Unlost Journals

This is a copy of an email sent to Unbroken Journal’s mailing list subscribers on July 3, 2018.

Big Changes!

I have decided to step down as EIC of Unbroken and our sister journal, Unlost. Dale Wisely and Howie Good will be taking over as co-editors. Sam Frost will be staying on as Social Media Manager.

Dale is general editor of Right Hand Pointing, and he co-edits One Sentence Poems and White Knuckle Press.

Howie co-edits White Knuckle Press with Dale, and he has been a long time contributor to both Unbroken and Unlost.

This is bittersweet for me–Unbroken and Unlost have been a part of my life for almost four years and I will miss them, but at the same time I am confident that the journals are in good hands with Dale and Howie.

Big thank you to Brenda Birenbaum who freely gave so much of her time to the journals.

And so much love to each and every one of our contributors. You guys have blessed me with your beautiful words and it has truly been an honor to have published them. Please show Dale and Howie your love and send them your best prose poems and found poetry.

Submissions will now only be accepted through Submittable. Please check out the Submit pages for any changes.

Much Love
RL Black Founding Editor