Ho Chi Minh: A Speculative Life in Verse and Other Poems by Benjamin Goluboff Review by Unbroken staff

Take a subject, any subject, pass it through the speculative heart of a poet, and it is transformed, it becomes something new, or maybe reveals something that was there all along. This is what Benjamin Goluboff has done in this collection.

With powerful language and stunning imagery, the poet begs us to look again at people and places we thought we knew, to dig deeper, to find something more than words and pictures on a page. This is the kind of poetry that made someone say “the writer of prose can only step aside when the poet passes.”

From Ho Chi Minh’s hat to Allen Ginsberg’s penis, Goluboff’s work is both intriguing and striking.

I appreciate the opportunity to read and review this gorgeous collection from Urban Farmhouse Press.

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