Bedouin by Sneha Subramanian

n. Bedouin – colloquial for desert surpluses as human. Dwelling is a mist-colored cavern full of discarded newspapers lined at night with desert storm remnants as the face of morning. An entity who has dissolved home and stored a concrete house within beige sand granules, gifted with an oasis on occasion by the desert.

n. Bedouin – herds sheep and goats, never seen as Noah or a disciple, usually first to offer water to the thirsty. An unfound poem.

n. Bedouin – sings with a cobalt rosary in praise of the sky, for rainclouds. Clad in old coats and soft language, accumulates a transcript of falling comets and constellations.

Sneha Subramanian stays somewhere where autumn leaves are often left unnoticed. She is the founding editor of Parentheses Journal, a literary initiative that straddles hybrid identities across coasts and climes. Her work is forthcoming in VIATOR project, Cold Creek Review, figroot press and elsewhere.