Truth is by Karen Neuberg

I lied about what I wanted. Instead I wrote a thank you note for what I got. When I tricked myself once too often, I tripped myself. And on up the stairs. To see the stars. There he kissed me. That was not a lie. Or not a lie I knew as a lie. This lasted a long time. Years, in fact. That’s a lie. I lied to myself to make it last. At last, it broke. Nothing ran out. It had been empty. Even the lies were gone. I live here now. I still lie to myself but the truth is, I don’t know it.

Karen Neuberg’s poetry and collages have been published in numerous journals including New Verse News, Otoliths, Right Hand Pointing, and TXTOBJX. Her most recent chapbook, The Elephants are Asking, is forthcoming from Glass Lyre Press in Winter 2017.