Star Fall Sans Sound by Jess Mize

sixty to seventy degrees (the blissful climate perpetuated in the city of angels) only the hint of a breeze; atavistic autumnal scent provoking awe at all the southern falls past and the warm silence of nature with some leaves ruby grapefruit red and others neon lemon butterfly with a few still as green as the vermillion-painted orange dawn spring soaked grass in valleys stretching beyond the woods and the river and all under the panoramic azure blue and crystal like ancient cities beneath the seas the kind of day to have your love and go riding through the dense and fuzzy foliaged mountains upon leprous white mustangs all afternoon and renting a chalet in the evening to sleep in that night after being spellbound by the autumn nightfall drinking la famiglia and smoking stogies reading excitedly to each other our most poignant Jack Kerouac impressions. Overcome by the silver glimmer of the moonlight the sky all iridescent blue the un-numbered stars flickering flagrant white.

Jess Mize is a blonde-haired surfer girl from South Carolina. Her favourite author is Stephen King. She loves to drink and she loves her man. Vampire Weekend three albums in stores now.