Something About Bursting by Lauren Suchenski

And maybe tonight the sky will just sink through the telephone wires and finally reach me. Maybe the porch will swing on its axis and the platform of our loves will all dangle like strings and shoelaces from the blades of grass holding our heads together. Tonight as the sky glows whiteblue and bluedarkblue for moments of moments, maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of the Real Blue … the one tunneled and funneled and buried deep within the depth of blue that is always trying to trick me with the simplicity of its hue. Maybe the trees will put their shoes on and walk into the street and just sit on the double yellow lines, all the cars will stop, everyone will peel themselves out of their seat belts, and we’ll all sit and watch the sky together like a great drive in movie. Drive up, drive in, move in, movie theater of eternity. Maybe my words mean nothing. Maybe my patience has been eaten up by a little remote control on wheels, with a furry little mouth and a gulping hunger for brain cells. Maybe all this silence will ferment our hearts and we will turn a wine red blood within our soul cells. Maybe the rate of the flow of the light is too fast to ever catch like snowflakes on your tongue. Maybe all the shutters and doors and windows will fly off their hinges and assemble a tree house for us all to climb into, quietly, sweetly and secretly we will play our childhoods out on decks of cards and everyone will win. Maybe the clouds are holding the cards, dabbling through aches and twists of the spine of the universe, cracking joints and bits of fluffy white sentience. Maybe all the energy in those telephone wires could be funneled right to the pit our stomachs, fill up our hearts and burst through our weary souls. Burst me awake. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Lauren Suchenski is a fragment sentence-dependent, ellipsis-loving writer and lives somewhere where the trees change color. Her poetry has recently appeared in Gambling the Aisle, Dark Matter Journal, Red Fez, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Black Elephant Literary Journal, Stoneboat Literary Magazine, The Soap Box, Picaroon Poetry, November Bees, Five 2 One Magazine and more.