Fetching Fossils by Heath Brougher

Wildly digging for the wild wildebeest necklace. The last fur on Earth. What will the final atom of the final creature to inhabit this Earth be? Wild flames of wildflowers of thought rise like a risen Phoenix ready to wander and inspect. To wander barefoot around the womb in deepest rumination. Fallopian hallways to travel through much different I imagine than traveling through a black hole even though there’s a chance this Universe was born out of a black hole. Big boom. Could a slow concave explosion explain why the “laws” of physics don’t apply to black holes? The awful frustration of the plethora of other things our human minds are too dumb to see. Eats at my skin. Eats wildly at my thoughts. Chopped and chopped and nothing left but a neckless Universe and anger at not being able to find out the Truths in my lifetime. The Wild West ain’t got nothin’ on this Wild Universe [Multiverse?].

Heath Brougher is the poetry editor of Five 2 One Magazine. He is the author of the chapbook A Curmudgeon Is Born (Yellow Chair Press, 2016) and has been nominated for a Best of the Net Award. His work has appeared in both online and print venues in 10 different countries.