What to Write Home About by Jenni Garber

Any cat without a face. Piercing your first penis. Chipping your first tooth. A child named Alchemy. Middle school anal sex. Tallahassee. Confederate flag tattoos. Dashboard fiber optic Jesuses. Monocles. American flag pasties. Stains in bathtubs. Peach-pie moonshine. Befriending a chicken. Coffins. Your boyfriend’s girlfriend’s baby. Storage shed movie night. The word, petrichor. A bum kidney. Coughing up a jellyfish. New flavor of toothpaste. Grandmother’s pornos. Used condoms in coffins. Seriously funny poetry. Unwanted facial hair. Tie-dyed tightie-whities. Fairy tea parties. Grandfather’s baby rifle. Coffee in a wineglass. A boobie bounce house. Marked down llama fetus. Electric collars. Worms.

Jenni Garber completed her MFA at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Previous publications include a creative nonfiction essay in Hobart. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida.