Middle-Class Magic by Jess Mize

Clear water; crisp transparent natural liquescence. Glass memory. The air up there holy. Let the sun melt into the horizon, ooze into the sea and just fade away as our memories, mirrors, and lives. Germination occurs mainly in autumn. Too much rotten human waste from the fabulous summertime. You always said life has taken you nowhere.Then the romantic gold sunlight of winter afternoons glistening along the filthy pavement and the story-book colour of faded leaves rustic, and in vivid contrast to the thin cut shimmering clouds like the mystic swirl of a woolen robe. And with all the traffic and mail carriers, prospects are reassuring.

Jess Mize is a blonde-haired surfer girl from South Carolina. Her favourite author is Stephen King. She loves to drink and she loves her man. Vampire Weekend three albums in stores now.