Snoring in Your Ear Two Prose Poems by Perry L. Powell

Snoring in Your Ear

So you were keeping someone’s rabbit. And the dream is laid out like Ohio. With one what to do about it followed by another. All while the whole naked banana waits. Then there are the children. These children who when gone are always here. These children who when here are always gone. Drink your coffee and sleep. The long peel spreads across your countertop like old skin. An essence is left for dead in the morning. Ask Alice. Our ancestors held the meadows until the dogs arrived. You yourself may set out for deeper holes. Roll your cart along and bring home the groceries. And still it’s late!

You Are the Place

You are the place. You are where I want to be when I grow up. You are that ancient country I must visit. I will overcome my fear of flying to reach you. Swigging a bottle of jack, I will board the plane. I won’t even notice that surge when the engines slam us into the sky. We pass through clouds that become a snow-covered landscape under us. We will fly for hours and hours. They serve snacks and show movies. From time to time, the pilot points out the sights to see out the windows on this side or that. We will keep flying. Keep flying until we reach your border; until we reach your central plateau. As we approach your capital, the children rush to the windows and shout “Buena Vista! Buena Vista!” We taxi onto your runway. The sun lights your hair like God and I fall and fall and fall into your arms forever. Without a parachute.

Perry L. Powell is a writer whose work has appeared or is forthcoming in A Hundred Gourds, Aphelion, Atavic Poetry, Black Mirror Magazine, Dead Snakes, Decades Review, Deep Water Literary Journal, eyedrum periodically, Frogpond, Futures Trading, Haiku Presence, Indigo Rising, Lucid Rhythms, Mobius The Journal of Social Change, Poetry Pacific, Poetry Quarterly, Prune Juice, Quantum Poetry Magazine, Ribbons, Sparks of Consciousness, Stone Highway Review, The Bactrian Room, The Blue Hour, The Camel Saloon, The Credo, The Foliate Oak, The Heron’s Nest, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, The Lyric, The Mind[less] Muse, The Rotary Dial, Turtle Island Quarterly, vox poetica, and Wolf Willow Journal.