Auto Autonomy by Mori Glaser

Flying headlit through night terrors, instruments wink at me as I blink through exhaust smoke at wing mirrors and I’m transported into a parallel parking universe with transparent privacy to curse–gossip–cry–sing off key or phone a friend. Dreary toil for years–months–days–hours buys a metal combustion nest mounted on wheels of air with soft-sell interior and crumple-proof rear end that places me safe in face of squalls–sandstorms–turbulence–bedlam but not snow or ice, when foot skids derange fewer bones. With dual windbags and steering wheel that drops to avoid piercing my heart on full frontal impact, I dare high speed highways until failing senses ground me or until death do us part.

In the fast lane sideswipes never come from left field.

Mori Glaser grew up in Britain and moved to Israel 30 years ago. She has blogged and written material for non-profits. Her poetry has been published in journals such as Writers Hub, Persimmon Tree, Crack the Spine, A Quiet Courage. Her prose has appeared in arc-24, the journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English, and Akashic Books web site Thursdaze series.