Two People by Dalton Day

Aubrey Plaza goes through her day & sees two people.

One of them is in their car, singing as loudly & badly as they can, using their hand as what Aubrey Plaza assumes to be a microphone. But, after thinking about it, Aubrey Plaza decides that this person is singing into a ghost whose littleness makes it difficult to hear.
One of them is walking down the sidewalk, holding a parasol in one hand & a bouquet of yellow flowers in the other. With no one else in sight, Aubrey Plaza watches this person smile as they move forward with a strength that only the parasol & the bouquet could afford them.

Aubrey Plaza stands outside that night, staring at the moon until it becomes the sun. Does it become the sun? Are they two separate things? Does this make Aubrey Plaza the Earth?

No. This makes Aubrey Plaza Aubrey Plaza.

Dalton Day is a terrified dog person & MFA candidate in The New Writer’s Project. He is the author of Fake Knife & the forthcoming TANDEM, & his poems have been featured in PANK, Hobart, Gigantic Sequins, & Everyday Genius, among others. He helps edit FreezeRay Poetry, Souvenir Lit, & can be found online at &