Boothwyn by Catherine Zickgraf

Sears sent boxes of her grandparents’ new home up the tracks from Dover, Delaware. Men dug a hole, cemented its sides against bugs and dirt. New wood bored in the wall made cellar steps—still stable now as three generations later she surfaces into the living room, warm basket in arms, lasagna in oven, their first awaking from his nap. When he’s fresh in his high chair and green beans steam on Grandmom’s range, her pulse jumping, kitchen door hinges will soon sing open. He always knows his heart belongs at home.

Catherine Zickgraf has performed her poetry on stages in Spain and Puerto Rico—yet homeschooling her boys inspires her the most. Her writing has appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, [Pank], Bartleby-Snopes, and GUD Magazine. You can find her at