‘In the Circus of You’ by Nicelle Davis and Cheryl Gross

In the Circus of You

In the Circus of You
An Illustrated Novel-in-Poems
By Nicelle Davis and Cheryl Gross
Paperback, 104 pages
March 2015
ISBN: 978-1-9416280-0-3

Wow, I just finished this new book from Rose Metal Press and I wanted to share my thoughts with my readers here. As a lover of experimental form, this book really intrigued me. It’s a book of poetry, but its a complete story, as well. Each poem stands on its own, but at the same time, you can step back and see a bigger picture, a story arc, and more importantly to me, a character arc. And the illustrations by Cheryl Gross are the icing on the cake, a beautiful collaboration between the author and illustrator. Really enjoyed this one and I recommend it, especially if you like experimental form. Go get it.