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Unbroken is a quarterly online journal that seeks to showcase prose poems, poetic prose and haibun, both from established and emerging voices. We desire to give the block, the paragraph, the unlineated prose, a new place to play.

The paragraph is an extremely difficult form. Just as the wind brushes the underbelly of the idea, a new indent appears. All this hubbub about access and the idea, the idea and cohesion, the idea and liquid space. Polymorphs, snowglobes, a barrage of supporting examples, whirligigs that flutter about before falling into the netting of the idea. Seven ideas total, or one? Suddenly before a recheck for sentence completion it’s rounding up, prosaic summations, concluding with modular force. Sonnet-shaped yet unmusical, the paragraph is fast enough.”

~ Tom Snarsky, Unbroken Contributor

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From our current issue . . .

  • red apples - imagery for "Apple" by Chance Dibben

    Apple by Chance Dibben

    I have an image of an apple in my head. The apple is my head, the image static and frozen like a photograph of a sneeze in a blizzard. The apple can be shaken, yet it does not move. The head can be reattached with relatively minor memory loss. The apple can drive the bones, […]

  • woman looking out the window in the rain

    Cloud to Ground by Sheldon Lee Compton

    Sheets of rain toss the husband’s vehicle. It’s a hard surprise rain trying to beat dents into the earth. Every second that passes, the upper mantle could reverse bloom and open wide to take in the husband and everything else. She gathers hope like wildberries. She gathers hope like fistfuls of gorgeous chicory. She hides […]

  • A butterfly resting on a stem - imagery for "If the Fluttering of Butterfly Wings" by Cathy Ulrich

    If the Fluttering of Butterfly Wings by Cathy Ulrich

    If you are on a walk with your brother’s wife and she gets hit by a car. If she turns into a kaleidoscope of butterflies upon impact, whirling into the air. If the driver peels away, spitting gravel from beneath his tires. If you hold still till all the butterflies come to nest on you. […]

  • paint swirls - imagery for "Jackson Pollock Paints Pammy T’s Daddy" by Tammy Robacker

    Jackson Pollock Paints Pammy T’s Daddy by Tammy Robacker

    There is no plan just subject here I am the drip the smear the nanny that circles the room chasing after tiny Pammy T it is a canvas it is a kitchen I am a chicken I walk the perimeter so wide so white so wolfen with Mr T peckish at center table but I […]

  • snow outside a window - imagery for "First & Last" by Ingrid Bruck

    First & Last Ingrid Bruck

    Your wouldn’t know we’d had winter except for one late snowfall. The first snow falls a day and a half. Wind carves drifts half way up windows and doors, the top of a ten foot pine plays king on the mountain. Chimes clink, frost closes the windows behind a curtain. A passing flock of hungry […]

  • An old farm wagon - imagery for "Futuristic Farm" by Linda Imbler

    Futuristic Farm by Linda Imbler

    A little house on thirty-six acres of refuge, outside a small Texas town, accessible only by one narrow, perilous, rutted dirt road. My father’s farm, weekend retreat, brought him back to his small-town upbringing. Reminded him that the actual beauty of the world, woods and streams, “The Bottoms” and birds, could still exist even this […]

  • Christmas lights - imagery for "Christmas Eve—" by Deborah Guzzi

    Christmas Eve— by Deborah Guzzi

    The cobblestone alleys of Aix grasp walking trios like unmarked gravestones teething on the ankles of rowdy past drinkers who imbibe before service. Trees adorned in thongs of cheeky light make the ghost of Magdalene blush. Before the side doors, cross-legged, a Romany beggar woman with anthracite eyes beseeches. Silver palmed Goliaths sidle past, blind […]

  • Open palm stretched at camera - imagery for the story "Small Town Drug Dealer" by Meagan Maguire

    Small Town Drug Dealer by Meagan Maguire

    It comes in little bags. Little Ziploc bags, like the ones they package jewelry in down at the junk shop. You know what I mean. The bracelets with bright plastic beads? There’s only a smidge of it in each bag, but it’s worth a lot. Like diamonds. You’ve got to seal up the bags carefully […]

  • chucks of ice on a pebbled wintery beach - imagery for "Considerations" by Laurinda Lind

    Considerations by Laurinda Lind

    Maidens in the ice convinced me that electrocution was never going to work as an inducement to safe crackers and sociopaths. Where would they go during a deluge? Not to nude operas. No one likes a ruthless chimera either, unless on the tundra awkwardness counts as a crossroad. Other comrades could gather under the layers, […]

  • deer in the woods - imagery for Megalomania by Lee Kaloidis

    Megalomania by Lee Kaloidis

    If a deer that the wild has made wary approaches you as noiselessly as a shadow from a small wooded stream and pushes its wet black nose into the back of your hand and licks between your fingers, then takes an apple from your palm and chews not up-and-down by side-to-side as only deer do while […]

  • a sad woman

    Gap Year by Julie Oldham

    Alone in Barcelona, having visited the Sagrada Familia, she descended into hell but on the third day rose again. And walks to the window to see a pool of children gathering in grey light. She crawls back to bed. All morning, playground noises, waves of voices, crash on the brick of the hostel walls. Highs […]

  • Looking at street lights at dark - imagery for "Velleity" by Sarah Kathryn Moore

    Velleity by Sarah Kathryn Moore

    A little called anything shows shudders. —Gertrude Stein, from A Little Called Pauline Street lamp light through a glass pane and secondarily a held-up sheet of heavy paper from Buenos Aires. Dually framed on the leaf’s a line drawing, fox corpse flossy with flies: the body is, thusly, lousy with love. Zinging through the sieved […]

  • A pristine beach with darkening sky - imagery for "Why We Went to Florida" by Glen Sorestad

    Why We Went to Florida by Glen Sorestad

    We went to Florida to find out what all the fuss was about. For most of our lives we’ve heard that in winter Canadians are there everywhere, spread across the beaches, lolling like white manatees on the glistening sands. We’re told they pack all the little bars and watering holes with large flat screen TVs, […]

  • aerial view of ocean waves at the shore - imagery for "Paved with Good Intentions" by Sophie van Llewyn

    Paved with Good Intentions by Sophie van Llewyn

    You promised me the sea for our vacation, but after driving under stone arches, you took me to a hotel with a pool. It was there that I bathed with all the other endangered species. When I rustled the mud resting at the bottom I felt that I was disturbing someone’s ashes. I asked you […]

  • High voltage sign on a pole in the dark - imagery for "Something About Bursting" by Lauren Suchenski

    Something About Bursting by Lauren Suchenski

    And maybe tonight the sky will just sink through the telephone wires and finally reach me. Maybe the porch will swing on its axis and the platform of our loves will all dangle like strings and shoelaces from the blades of grass holding our heads together. Tonight as the sky glows whiteblue and bluedarkblue for […]

  • A woman behind the wheel of a car - imagery for work titled Seeing Her on Her Birthday by Jessica Van de Kemp

    Seeing Her on Her Birthday by Jessica Van de Kemp

    It’s like using a stereoscopic toy. I load all of the other days of my life and click through until I reach this day. She’s in her forties, this woman who isn’t my mother. She talked me out of changing my name when I was nineteen. Every year, on this day, I call her. Today, […]

  • apartment balcony overlooking street - imagery for "Munch III" by Kyle Hemmings

    Munch III by Kyle Hemmings

    A war of stray bullets is raging. Toxic rats sneak into our homes, draw blood from the deepest well of our sleep. Avenue D is being overtaken by radioactive clowns. Avenue C can go either way. Ghosts are driven under the streets. In dumpsters, weeds grow out of crumpled Starbucks cups. In a loft, in […]

  • A colorful wall with window - imagery for "Thursday Lunch" by Sandra Anfang

    Thursday Lunch by Sandra Anfang

    I take my fifteen minutes of naked sun in the patio, hidden by tall fences. The cats play tag in shady spots beneath my chair. Jasmine scatters scent like feather boas. A breeze winds through the red maples who hold their breath as if to conserve water against the heat. Where silence reigns, the throb […]

  • a woman floating in water - imagery for "Swimming with Angels" by Anna Geary-Meyer

    Swimming with Angels by Anna Geary-Meyer

    Can you swim with angels? I asked my mother once when I was eight, while she was busy washing dishes, and she said no, not usually, but down the canal there are some swans, I think. I don’t know what I was looking for besides that mid-air diving board feeling, that feeling of life without […]

  • hand at a doorknob

    Epilogue by C.J. Miles

    I Google how to write a poem. It takes me to an essay on how to shoot yourself in the head. The essay informs me that there is no guarantee that shooting yourself in the head, from any angle or into any part of the head, will guarantee death. Shooting yourself in the heart is […]

  • a man holding a cup of coffee - imagery for The Space and Slip Between Cup and Lip by J.W. Kash

    The Space and Slip Between Cup and Lip by J.W. Kash

    You meet so many people in life. You hear so many promises and plans. Visions and ideas. Art and dreams. Oh yes yes yes. Words words words. I am guilty of these words and dreams. These grandiose thoughts. These hearty slaps on the back. I remember leaving a birthday party, for Timmy, on a Sunday […]

  • A man in a rocky foggy landscape - imagery for "Fetching Fossils" by Heath Brougher

    Fetching Fossils by Heath Brougher

    Wildly digging for the wild wildebeest necklace. The last fur on Earth. What will the final atom of the final creature to inhabit this Earth be? Wild flames of wildflowers of thought rise like a risen Phoenix ready to wander and inspect. To wander barefoot around the womb in deepest rumination. Fallopian hallways to travel […]

  • A dog speckled in snow - imagery for "When the Dog Gets Ready to Die" by Randal Eldon Greene

    When the Dog Gets Ready to Die by Randal Eldon Greene

    When the dog gets ready to die she’ll vomit up liquid the color of her kibble. Then she’ll vomit up yellow. Then clear. Then do nothing but dry-heave. When the dog gets ready to die it’ll be a late winter night. There’ll be no veterinary clinics open. No vet will answer their phone. You’ll call […]

  • Antique compass - imagery for the work titled If the Corner of Your Eye was a Compass by Kristina England

    If the Corner of Your Eye was a Compass by Kristina England

    Arrow pointed northeast, New Hampshire forest home, no street sign to direct the post truck, I could use your rounded lips, your sense of puns to guide and steer my car until I was forced to go on foot, give up the city, give up these shoes, give up the cubicle, the talking heads on […]

  • A woman in the driver's seat - imagery for the prose poem Forty-Love by Matthew Dube

    Forty-Love by Matthew Dube

    Brenda liked that her husband Clement felt almost weightless on top of her. She could control him with her pelvis like she was driving her Honda, her progress toward orgasm steady as parking in the garage. A tennis ball hung from the ceiling of the garage on a clothesline, and she knew to stop when […]

  • Girl looking out the window - imagery for "Dear (Deadbeat) Daddy" by Anna Keeler

    Dear (Deadbeat) Daddy by Anna Keeler

    I am writing to a man who doesn’t exist with words that were pulled from between my teeth before I was old enough to feel them. There is a cavity in the middle of my chest where a hole should have been carved, but for some reason, what I feel festers more than it hurts. […]