R.L. Black (Roo) is the founder and Editor in Chief of Unbroken Journal.  She lives in Tennessee and her writing has been published across the web and in print. When she isn’t editing or writing, she binge watches her DVD collection of LOST.

Brenda Birenbaum is our Associate Editor. She writes long and short fiction, uses lots of buts (but this but that but what the heck), and is overall not a serious person.

Jon Jackson is our WordPress Techie. He is a father and husband living in Buckinghamshire and he prefers writing about life instead of facing up to it. He purportedly has a novel in him.

Sam Frost is our Social Media Manager. She lives in Los Angeles and spends most of her time binge drinking green tea. She mostly writes flash nonfiction, and it almost always starts in the notes section of her phone. Find her on Twitter @sammfrostt